A Certain Magical Index II, Season 2, Pt. 2

A Certain Magical Index II, Season 2, Pt. 2

A Certain Magical Index

  • Género: Animation
  • Fecha De Lanzamiento: 2014-12-16
  • Episodios: 12
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Toma and Index are back in an action-packed season that brings back the characters you love while introducing a host of new spell-wielding allies and enemies. Protecting Index has never been easy, but when several groups begin to fight over sacred magical relics, keeping the nun safe becomes downright impossible in the city where science and the supernatural go hand-in-hand.


Título Tiempo
1 Croce di Pierto (Apostolic Cross) 23:57 Descargar
2 City of Water 23:57 Descargar
3 Queen's Fleet 23:57 Descargar
4 Rosary of the Appointed Time 25:27 Descargar
5 Penalty Game 23:59 Descargar
6 Serial Number (Specimen Number) 23:57 Descargar
7 The Researcher (Amata Kihara) 23:57 Descargar
8 Hound Dog (Hound Squad) 23:57 Descargar
9 Testament (Learning Device) 23:57 Descargar
10 The Divine Retribution Spell 23:57 Descargar
11 Prewar 23:57 Descargar
12 Skill Out (Armed Gang) 25:27 Descargar