Zombie Land Saga (Original Japanese Version)

Zombie Land Saga (Original Japanese Version)

Zombie Land Saga

  • Género: Animation
  • Fecha De Lanzamiento: 2018-10-04
  • Episodios: 12
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It was a day like any other—the same old morning, same old music, same old peaceful life. Until everything fell to chaos at the hands of zombies! Caught among the living dead, seven girls find their lives turned upside down in a way they never saw coming. An eccentric man offers them an opportunity to become...idols?! Now, they’re not just trying to stay alive, they’re trying to go live—on stage.


Título Tiempo
1 Good Morning Saga 23:49 Descargar
2 I <3 Hip Hop Saga 23:48 Descargar
3 Dead or Live Saga 23:49 Descargar
4 Warming Dead Saga 23:49 Descargar
5 The Nice Bird Saga in Your Heart 23:49 Descargar
6 Because It's Sentimental Saga 23:49 Descargar
7 But It's Zombiemental Saga 23:48 Descargar
8 Go Go Neverland Saga 23:49 Descargar
9 Though My Life May Have Ended Once by So 23:49 Descargar
10 No Zombie No Idol Saga 23:49 Descargar
11 One-of-a-kind Saga 23:49 Descargar
12 Good Morning Again Saga 23:49 Descargar