Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Fairy Tale Adventures!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Fairy Tale Adventures!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

  • Género: Kids & Family
  • Fecha De Lanzamiento: 2019-08-26
  • Episodios: 5
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Join Mickey and the gang as they embark on five fantastical Fairy Tale Adventures! Minnie Red Riding Hood delivers “Feel Better Soup” to Goofy, Prince Pluto rescues Princess Bella from Wizard Pete’s castle and Donald needs a kiss from Princess Daisy to turn from a frog back into a duck! And when Minnie is overwhelmed with chores, she dreams that she’s Minnie-rella getting ready for Prince Mickey’s Grand Ball! With Mickey and his friends, you’ll always find your happily ever after!


Título Tiempo
1 Minnie Red Riding Hood 24:01 Descargar
2 Pluto's Tale 24:04 Descargar
3 Donald The Frog Prince 24:00 Descargar
4 Minnie-rella 30:05 Descargar
5 A Goofy Fairy Tale 46:00 Descargar