Ace Attorney, Season 1, Pt. 1 (Original Japanese Version)

Ace Attorney, Season 1, Pt. 1 (Original Japanese Version)

Ace Attorney

  • Género: Animation
  • Fecha De Lanzamiento: 2016-04-02
  • Episodios: 13
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As a brand-new defense lawyer, Phoenix Wright is learning what it means to be a true defender of justice. But when his mentor is murdered, things go downhill fast! With all evidence pointing to the victim’s sister Maya, it’s up to Phoenix to use all his wit and powerful shouting to prove her innocence. Which is easier said than done when up against Miles Edgeworth, the genius prosecutor.


Título Tiempo
1 The First Turnabout 23:58 Descargar
2 Turnabout Sisters: 1st Trial 23:58 Descargar
3 Turnabout Sisters: 2nd Trial 23:58 Descargar
4 Turnabout Sisters: Last Trial 23:59 Descargar
5 Turnabout Samurai: 1st Trial 23:59 Descargar
6 Turnabout Samurai: 2nd Trial 23:58 Descargar
7 Turnabout Samurai: Last Trial 23:57 Descargar
8 Turnabout Goodbyes: 1st Trial 23:57 Descargar
9 Turnabout Goodbyes: 2nd Trial 23:57 Descargar
10 Turnabout Goodbyes: 3rd Trial 23:57 Descargar
11 Turnabout Goodbyes: 4th Trial 23:57 Descargar
12 Turnabout Goodbyes: Last Trial 23:57 Descargar
13 Turnabout Promise 23:57 Descargar