Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Oh Toodles!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Oh Toodles!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

  • Género: Kids & Family
  • Fecha De Lanzamiento: 2016-05-07
  • Episodios: 5
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Oh, Toodles! Come join the Clubhouse gang as they get help from their trusty sidekick Toodles! Professor Von Drake is working on a surprise invention when he discovers that he is missing four of his tools. Luckily, Toodles has the tools! Then, on Toddles’ birthday, Mickey must gather all of the Mousekatools without letting Toodles know they are for his surprise birthday party! And during the Clubhouse Road Rally, Toodles proves to be the best mechanical pal ever! It’s time to get to it, show us the Mousekatools to help us do it!


Título Tiempo
1 Oh, Toodles! 24:05 Descargar
2 Mickey's Big Surprise 24:04 Descargar
3 Happy Birthday, Toodles 24:03 Descargar
4 Road Rally 49:05 Descargar
5 Mickey's Mousekedoer Adventure 30:05 Descargar