Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Mickey's Mousekedoer Adventure

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Mickey's Mousekedoer Adventure

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

  • Género: Kids & Family
  • Fecha De Lanzamiento: 2015-06-27
  • Episodios: 5
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Discover the latest and greatest in gadgets with this collection of inventive episodes! When the Mousekedoer malfunctions, Professor Von Drake comes to the realization that the only way to make repairs is to shrink the Clubhousers and send them inside! Then, at Build-Your-Own-Toy Day, Goofy needs help building his toy robot in time for the Fair. And when Professor Von Drake’s new invention, a Fritzer-Spritzer Spray Potion, accidentally gets spritzed on Daisy’s ponytail, it makes her hair grow super long! Bring your imagination and discover the power of innovation with the Clubhouse gang!


Título Tiempo
1 Mickey's Mousekedoer Adventure 30:05 Descargar
2 Goofy's Goofbot 24:03 Descargar
3 Daisy's Pony Tale 24:05 Descargar
4 Goofy Babysitter 24:03 Descargar
5 Mickey's Handy Helpers 24:03 Descargar